Create Great Social Media Graphics

Seeing and sharing images in social media is fun! I enjoy seeing pictures of my pals because I experience related even though we can be miles apart.

In our quest to proportion (or perhaps overshare) our lives, I locate myself the usage of several picture enhancing apps greater regularly than others. I’m frequently asked what I use to feature text, create a collage, or edit the photograph. In reaction to the ones requests, right here are my “go to” apps when sharing photographs with my pals (such as you).

The four Best Photo Editing Apps

1. Pic Collage – A unfastened photograph app that I use on my iPhone.

Pic Collage is an smooth to use app this is just like the “Swiss military knife” for snap shots and photos. I can upload exclusive backgrounds, pix from the internet, text and extra. The picture outcomes are ample, and I can crop, add a border, blur, and modify the coloration – all with the tap of a button!

Bottom Line – this is a totally clean app to apply on my iPhone, and I can alter my creations at a later date.

2. Photogrid – A loose photo app that I use on my iPhone

Photogrid produces higher best images than PicCollage. However, I’m no longer as acquainted with Photogrid, so I use it after I have greater time to create a image. I like Photogrid because the pix are greater clean, and the text is remarkable crisp. The creations appearance very high end. The capabilities are sturdy and are much like PicCollage. My favourite feature is the “poster” function that has editable borders and photographs for a more upscale appearance.

Bottom Line – this is a good app for developing higher-end snap shots. The fundamental downside is that I can not replace or modify an image once I actually have saved it to my smartphone.

3. Canva – A loose internet-based totally platform that I use on my computer

When I want to produce something particular, I flip to Canva. Mainly, I use Canva once I need to share quote graphics or words of inspiration! Canva has fantastic capabilities, and I can even purchase pix for $1.

Bottom Line – that is a wonderful, smooth to apply net-primarily based platform that lets in a drag and drop technique to image design. I especially propose Canva for novice to expert customers.

4. Photoshop Elements – A paid software program program that I use on my pc

Photoshop Elements is a extra sophisticated software program application than the alternative 3 mentioned on this list. I use Photoshop Elements for most net page snap shots and social media banners. If you are not acquainted with Photoshop, then I advise you entire numerous tutorials earlier than you pay for the software program.

Bottom Line – this is a superb software program software when you have the time to discover ways to use the range of functions this product offers.


Which image editor is the pleasant for you? If you are a informal person in your iPhone, then Pic Collage or Photogrid is first-rate for you! If you are a casual consumer, but would like a bigger screen to edit your photos, I would recommend Canva. Photoshop Elements is your editor of preference if you will be an avid, more steady consumer.

These are the 4 photograph enhancing apps and software that I consistently use for social media sharing. Try one today and keep sharing your valuable pictures with your pals!

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