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At White Wood Studio, we believe that the right notebook sparks creativity and inspiration. Our collection of design notebooks and journals is crafted to help you tell your story, capture ideas, and enhance your journaling practice. We make it easy to find your perfect notebook for any purpose.

5 Things To Be Grateful Daily Gratitude Journal

A wonderful gratitude journal for appreciating life’s gifts, gratitude unlocks the door to a richer and more fulfilling life.

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Best Notebooks for Journaling from White Wood Studio

Our high-quality journals are created for daily reflections and chronicling your journey. With fountain-pen friendly paper and lay-flat binding, our notebooks are designed for easy, uninterrupted journaling. Choose from a wide selection of dotted, lined, or blank pages to match your journaling style. Discover the best notebooks for journaling from White Wood Studio.

Notebook Planner

Where will you go? Where will you stay? What marvels will you see? Remember to explore our beautiful planner for your coming plan.

Notebook Journal

Journal notebook allows you to thoroughly plan for your activities, important note and so on.

Novel And Story Book

Don’t miss our coming story books, novel and so on .

Coloring Book For Children And Adult

Interesting and fun coloring book for adults and children.

Check out our variaty design of books!

More design that suite your taste!


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White Wood Studio offers a delightful array of fun, colorful notebooks to make your note-taking and planning more enjoyable. Our smaller notebooks are portable for meetings and travel. Larger sizes are ideal for projects and tasks. With patterns, textures and illustrations, you can find a notebook to match your personality. Shop our collection of fun notebooks for work.