In this video I’m sharing ? ?????????? ???? with you that will not only help you get started with journaling, but also make a ????? out of it.

See other than practicing minimalism and intentional living, I’m also a writer and I absolutely love writing poetry.

??? ???? : I actually got into poetry from journaling a little bit in my high school days. My simple journal entries grew into poetry over time!

// More journaling tips that were NOT mentioned ⇩

• Find the right space for you to write (can literally be anywhere)
• Ask yourself questions
• Date every entry
• Write honestly
• Try writing from different perspectives (other than your own)
• Go back and re-read your entries later

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I’m Ron Banks, a minimalist + creative writer sharing my knowledge and inspiration on living a meaningful life with less.

Ronald L. Banks is my journey through lifestyle habits + personal growth. Follow my journey and learn how you can live your meaningful life.

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