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Do you like to learn on how to use digital and ai tools for personal & business journaling and documentation?

Here are the course cover throughout the special set of videos

01 – Download Canva Journal Templates
02 – Open PDF Journal Page in Microsoft Edge
03 – Dictate to One Note
04 – Using Microsoft Word to Journal and Document
05 – Archiving with Free Tools in the Cloud
06 – iPhone Personal Journal
07 – Privacy for Apple Journal
08 – Audio Entry In Apple Journal
09 – Use Audio To Dictate Text Into Apple Journal
10 – Install Microsoft Journal

11 – Create a Written Document for Microsoft Journal
12 – Transcribe Content in Microsoft Word
13 – Daybook
14 – Create Entries in Daybook
15 – Using Tablet Based Goodnotes as a Journal
16 – Write an Entry in Goodnotes
17 – Typing into a Goodnotes Entry
18 – Write to Goodnotes Using a PDF Template from Canva
19 – Share Your Journal Creation On Kindle
20 – Share Your Customer Canva Journal Templates with Others

How to get the free course?

You have to purchase one of our notebook journal through our Amazon store, and email us the purchase proof / receipt to , and our person incharge will send a coupon code for you to redeem the course FREE.Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any question.